Explore Tuscany

Our Team offers tailored e-mail and live-call consulting service where you’ll get all necessary guidance on how to move around Florence and Tuscany so you can easily create a perfect plan for your journey. Let’s do your planning!

Tuscany Sightseeing

Decide on the sights to visit! Walk the streets, navigate the museums, explore Florence and Tuscany, the Chianti area. Make a list of what you want to see, add it to your personal Tuscany Trip Planner and… enjoy!

Learning Art

Learn about Art! Imagine you could arrive to Tuscany with a good background in Art and Art History so you do not stand in fron of masterpieces asking yourself: “…so what?” Our Team has a firsthand Art Challenge coming your way!

Meet Tatjana – licensed guide, sommelier and blogger – who helps adventurous travellers,  art enthusiasts and wine lovers to find their way in Tuscany!


 Florence and Tuscany are on your “must see” list and you want to know where to start, what to visit and where to go.

You are a curious traveler. You don’t not want to walk around with a paper guide trying to figure out all the puzzling information on its pages. You love museums, but looking at paintings and sculptures makes you think you do not have enough background for all this to make sense for you?  You like seeing new places, feel their atmosphere and local life but once you’re there you wish you had learned about them before your Tuscany trip.

This is what we are here for!

Tatjana’s work and passion is helping people to visit Florence and Tuscany. Moreover, she’s kindly sharing her knowledge in art and history so that you immediately feel at home in this new and amazing place.

Trust us! Tatjana will help you plan your Tuscany trip with the necessary knowledge to be totally able to enjoy what this fabulous place has to offer.

Plan Your Trip Easily, Organise Sightseeing Better and Enjoy Art to Its Full!


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