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Mammone… Who’s that?

Originally, the word “mammone” was used to describe an adult man who was too much attached to his mother. Like if he was still a kid.  The term itself derives from the word “mamma” (Mum). And the suffix -one gives word a meaning of “oversized”. Told you, Italian language is wonderful! It’s deservedly is one of the major Italian allures due to its capacity to form keen neologisms able to convey even the slightest shadows of meaning!

Till recently this term was regarded as disapproving, and even offensive. Whilst today it is often employed by the very mammone to describe his life situation. And a personal standpoint. Did you know that in Italy about 81% of relatively young men (20-35) are still living in their parents’ home? With their parents? Of course, Italy’s precarious work situation and high apartment rent prices, despite the recent economic crisis, has contributed to young people staying in their parents’ home. Yet, most use it as an excuse. The thing is the mammone just loves living with his mother.

Mammoni, Peter Pan Complex and Marriage

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Ne di Venere Ne di Marte non si sposa ne si parte! -  Neither marriage nor war will go away once you start! - Italian saying Why marry? That is a question... The saying above, without a slightest doubt, once upon a time was meant [...]

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