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Meet The Team

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Welcome to In Italy in Love

Meet the Team

Diana TiurinaAuthor, Founder & CEO
I’m the Author, the Founder and the CEO of In Italy in Love. I’m also the Event Planner and Editor-in-Chief of this versatile Web-magazine. And, of course, I’m a passionate Blogger and Explorer myself!

Matteo ArbizzaniManaging Editor
I’m the Managing Editor and the Blogger at In italy in Love. I’m also the Expert of Italian Culture, Italian Mindset, Life Style and Relationships. A devoted Traveller and Explorer, I’m also a Passionate Photographer.

In Italy in Love is carefully designed for People from all over the Globe wishing to know more about Italy, Italians, Italian mindset, and, of course, about love & relationships all'italiana.

Whether you need to organize a Vacation, to plan Your Wedding or any other Awsome Event, to understand Italian Mindset and Life Style, we are here to serve you. In Italy in Love covers wide range of topics, provides unlimited options for Vacation and Event Planning, and so much more!

Our Valuable Team Members

Arina DitoWedding & Event Planner
I’m the Professional Wedding & Event Planner. A talanted Designer and an incurabily romantic woman, I dedicate my life to realization of Perfect Weddings, both luxury and gorgeously minimal.

Tatjana GorinaArt & Tour Guide
I’m the licensed Art and Tour Guide in Florence and Trip Planner throughout Tuscany. I’m also the sommelier and blogger – who helps adventurous travellers, art enthusiasts and wine lovers to find their way in Italy!

Massimiliano BenniciProfessional Photographer
I’m not a photographer by chance. I’m not a photographer by tradition. I am not a photographer because I am a photographer. I am a photographer because I am! Through the light I can talk, tell, live or relive all the magic I feel in that moment. The more I look around and the more inside of me grows the need to communicate those visions, those sounds, those sensations to the whole world. This is called photography, this is my life.

Ekaterina ErnandesM&M Legal Rappresentative
I do believe that child modeling is a gateway to their Future. Therefore, i dedicated my life to help kids’ dream come true. I specialize in representing junior talent, and provide them with the opportunity to work on a variety of assignments. This includes defiles, fashion shows, photo shoots for catalogues, magazines and advertising in addition to commercials, television and film. I love what I do, it makes me feel complete!

Welcome to In Italy in Love

In Italy in Love has been the #1 true-to-life Web-magazine about Italy for already 2 years, making it the most trusted and complete insight into Italian life on the Web. Real people, true stories, Italian mindset exploration and amazing overviews on Italian temptations are the reasons our visitors have fallen in love. We are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. 

Get to Know Real Italy

In Italy in Love gives you the ability to know and experience the Italian life style. Our sincerely and professionally written posts are entirely based on first-hand extensive experience and are always up-to-date. You can ask for any additional information for free with a few clicks through the Contact Page. Get in touch to find out why the sky’s the limit when it comes to In Italy in Love.

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Mobile: +39 3488640140


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