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Your Wedding Day is supposed to be the Best Day of your life, and Our Job is to make Your Dream come True. Trust in us, we know how to minimise all the stress leading up to the Event. From the choice of your Wedding Dress to the Event Venue and Catering, we will Follow Your Dream and make it Real. Rest assure that Your Italian Wedding will be unbelievably awesome!

Event Venue

The Event Venue provides the background to the atmosphere you choose for Your Wedding Day. From fabulous mediaeval villas to luxury seaside hotels, from elegant restaurants to the most unexpected choices, we will find the perfect venue for your Italian Wedding and take care of the whole event planning and management. Your Italian Wedding will be as eye-catching as you want it to be. And we will take care of every detail!

Incredible Options

Why organize Your Wedding in Italy? Because Italy is the most romantic and intriguing place in the world, with plenty of breathtaking landscapes and truly unique Event Venues. According to the atmosphere You chose, we will provide you with the most unexpectable ideas and suggest the incredible options that will surprise Your guests and enhance powerful and unforgettable emotions of Your Wedding Day.

Enjoy Your Day

Organisation is the key when planning Your Wedding. Your Wedding’s Atmosphere and Size determines the Event Venue and the Overall Cost (prices usually rise per guest). We will help you to perfectly organize exactly the Wedding You want – should it be luxury and glamor, elegant and classic, romantic yet adventurous – rest assure we’ll find the best solution for every budget. Enjoy Your Day!

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ÂmeWedding is a Wedding Consultation & Event Planning Agency, established by Arina Dito in 2015. A talented designer, gifted Event planner and incurabily romantic woman, Arina dedicates her life to realisation of Perfect Weddings, both luxury and gorgeously minimal. Rest assured, Arina knows how to make your Wedding the Best Day of Your Life!
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Italian Wedding & Event Planning

Our Mission is to organise outstanding luxury weddings and events for those seeking authentic and unique celebrations. From small intimate gatherings to large and lavish affairs, we offer first class service and #1 Bride Support.

Our personal and empathetic approach ensures the weddings we plan are meaningful and truly reflect our clients as individuals, as couples, and highlights their shared values and sense of style. We know that outstanding great weddings are all about people. Therefore, we always work with the guest experience in mind.

Passionate about what we do, we strive to ensure all our organized Weddings are exceptional. Together, In Italy in Love and ÂmeWedding, we set trends rather than follow them. We assist our clients in creating memorable and outstanding celebrations that exceed expectations.


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About ÂmeWedding

ÂmeWedding organizes unique and original Events that combine the sophisticated Italian style with the depth and elegance of the Russian soul.

Emotional empathy, devotion to the planning process, care of every detail, professional flair, innovative ideas, and constant search for pioneering trends and new venues - these are the qualities that allows us to realize efficiently some of the most sophisticated and modern exclusive Events.

Entrust us your wishes, tell us your love story and we will know how make Your Dreams come True and Your Wedding fabulously unforgettable!

In Italy In Love Has Always Some Incredible News, Revealling Insights, Travel Ideas and Event Planning Options To Help You Enjoy Italy in the Most Complete Way!

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