Being non-native, my insight is disconnected form Italian root mentality. This gives me an advantage to experience the Italian way of living on tabula rasa, i.e. without expectations reaffirmed by congenital mentality in subconscious of native Italians.

A general example (suitable to every national mentality) may be useful here… Let’s admit Italian people do certain things in a proper Italian way. And whilst to the people from the other nations the Italian way to deal with certain things in a certain way may appear strange and weird, it results absolutely normal to Italians. Do you see my point?

In addition, the fact that I’ve been living in Italy for over 12 years already, permits me to analyze and portray the Italian way of thinking without any kind of prejudice.

P.S. Must admit, however, that my own way of thinking has been somewhat affected (since highly involved) and enriched with nowadays variety of Italian standards, on one side. As well as with profound learning and understanding of Italian traditions, culture and mentality, on the other.