They say, In Italy, All Roads Lead to Rome… In Italy in Love, All Roads Lead to Love…

  • First, nothing as Love can disclose the human’s nature.
  • Second, Love it’s the most euphoric feeling and it has a lot of related emotions, such as: jealous, hate, friendship, ecc.
  • Third, Love’s origins may vary. And hence shades of Love may differ significantly. For instance, there is romantic love, passionate love, secret love, forbidden love. Then there is sexual, erotic or physical love. Love can be shared and mutual, or hopeless and unrequited. As well as, all-consuming, immense, profound, overwhelming or tender and genuine. Love can be everlasting or free, first or last. Not to mention platonic love, brotherly love, familial love or marital love. And all these are different kinds of love, don’t you agree?
  • Fourth, all people need love, inspite of their age, occupation or sexual prefererncies. And in Italy people are always in love – whether they are natives or tourists, single or happily married.