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About Me2019-08-06T12:35:06+00:00

Who Am I?

Hello, everybody! I am Diana, nice to meet you! As for the rest of my in-depth profile… Well, that could be the simplest, and the most complicated question at the same time. But if Christian Grey’s fifty shades that first had got darker and then freed, were finally revealed by himself… There’s no reason I cannot picture my own personality profile!

Here are some nitty-gritty details about me:

Date of Birth: 27/12/1979

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

The Love of My Life: My Beautiful 13-year-old Daughter Isabelle (she’s my Muse and my inspiration for everything I do!)

My Personality: friendly, heart-opened, lively, bright, outgoing, funny, charismatic, dynamic and creative

Sports: CrossFit, Kickboxing, Yoga, Stretching Techniques; Kite surfing

Favourite Music: both classic and popular (I just can’t help myself stop singing and dancing when I hear new hits I like!), while my creativity muses are Mozart, Vivaldi, Yiruma and, mesmerizing, Lana Del Rey

Favourite Actors: Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Sharon Stone and Leonardo di Caprio

Favourite Movies: “Gone with The Wind” and “Point Brake”

My Double Citizenship Profile: Italian and Lithuanian

Education Profile:

02/08 – 11/2010 University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Modena: Master’s degree in Communication in International Enterprises and Organizations (Hons)

09/1998 – 05/2004 Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, Vilnius: B.A. in General Linguistics and Slavic Philology (Hons), followed by M.A. in Modern Russian Language and Comparative Indo-European Linguistics (Hons)

Style Profile:

On working days, my style is used to be very formal and elegant. A small black dress, or a tight black tailleur, and a pair of high-hilled fine shoes. One of the greatest women of the world, Coco Chanel, said once: “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”. I guess I took it literally, and ever since have build upon her words my own style and my life approach. On my days off, I can’t help myself wearing colorful and comfortable clothes, with a pair Nikes on my feet. I recall Coco Chanel also said: “The girl must be two things: classy and fabulous”. Well, feeling free to choose makes me even more fabulous than ever!

Career Profile:

Currently an Account Manger at the holding that seeks to Save the Planet, a former Project Manager at the company managing custom exhibition stands, a former Boutique Manager at one of the major North Italy’s Montblanc retail stores, and a a former Project Manager at marketing agency treating luxurious sports cars, for the recent 15 years I’ve been completely immersed into luxurious and brand-signed world. Once upon a time, I just dreamed about being a part of it. Until one day when I’ve started feeling suffocated: just like a bird (or as a cheetah) locked away in a cage.

My Hidden Dreams Come True:

I have spent what seems a lifetime trying to see the invisible prison that constrains me. I’ve realized that lately I’ve been perceiving the world in Black and White colors. With all possible shades of Grey in between.

I’ve realized that I work all hours and have no home life, and almost no spare time. No personal life at all! And this was the moment I’ve realized I have to change something about my life! Now.

Then, a miracle has happened. I revealed to myself hidden gifts I didn’t ever immagine to have. I never expected I could organize and mange the multitude of Events so easily and brilliantly at the same time. Or less, that I had a Web Designer skills! This was also the moment when I’ve decided to start a completely brand-new career to me. To become a Freelance Worker as Event Planner, and a Blogger. Of course, all this became possible due to affection and continuous support of my dear friends!

Ever since I was a little girl I was dreaming of becoming a writer. However, I was always somewhat shy about exposing my thoughts and feeling to the entire world. I was frightened by what the judgments could be.

But there is a point in one’s life, when you realize you must face your fears, and, as one Depeche Mode’s song that says: “…step out of your cage and onto the stage…” So I’ve started writing.  An old-fashioned way, just using the modern technologies.

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I’m the Author, the Founder, the Owner and the CEO of the project In Italy in Love. This Website was created for People who want to know more about Italy, Italians, Italian mindset and Italian life style. A part of articles revealing current Italian social trends and relationship tendencies, our team also offers a range of services (such as Event & Wedding Planning, Child Modelling, and so much more!) and extensive support whenever you need it. Enjoy!

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Why my insight is independent and influence-resistant?2019-08-06T12:55:41+00:00

Being non-native, my insight is disconnected form Italian root mentality. This gives me an advantage to experience the Italian way of living on tabula rasa, i.e. without expectations reaffirmed by congenital mentality in subconscious of native Italians.

A general example (suitable to every national mentality) may be useful here… Let’s admit Italian people do certain things in a proper Italian way. And whilst to the people from the other nations the Italian way to deal with certain things in a certain way may appear strange and weird, it results absolutely normal to Italians. Do you see my point?

In addition, the fact that I’ve been living in Italy for over 15 years already, permits me to analyze and portray the Italian way of thinking without any kind of prejudice.

P.S. Must admit, however, that my own way of thinking has been somewhat affected (since highly involved) and enriched with nowadays variety of Italian standards, on one side. As well as with profound learning and understanding of Italian traditions, culture and mentality, on the other.

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“In Italy in Love”… Why “in Love”?2019-08-06T13:04:05+00:00

They say, In Italy, All Roads Lead to Rome… In Italy in Love, All Roads Lead to Love…

  • First, nothing as Love can disclose the human’s nature.
  • Second, Love it’s the most euphoric feeling and it has a lot of related emotions, such as: jealous, hate, friendship, ecc.
  • Third, Love’s origins may vary. And hence shades of Love may differ significantly. For instance, there is romantic love, passionate love, secret love, forbidden love. Then there is sexual, erotic or physical love. Love can be shared and mutual, or hopeless and unrequited. As well as, all-consuming, immense, profound, overwhelming or tender and genuine. Love can be everlasting or free, first or last. Not to mention platonic love, brotherly love, familial love or marital love. And all these are different kinds of love, don’t you agree?
  • Fourth, all people need love, inspite of their age, occupation or sexual prefererncies. And in Italy people are always in love – whether they are natives or tourists, single or happily married.

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What my personal interest is?2019-08-06T13:22:54+00:00

My personal interest and my deepest curiosity is to find out how do Italian culture, Italian style, and Italian cult of enjoying the life with all its allures (no matter what!) connect. As well as, how they affect the inner world of Non-Italians. Is Italian way of living contagious? Do people really change their way of being after visiting Italy? Yes. How? Just like me.

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What my benefits are?2019-08-06T13:15:50+00:00

I live, I enjoy, I observe, I analyze, I portray. If people enjoy my work, find my observation interesting and my portrayal of modern Italian society useful, I benefit.

If some people don’t like the work I’ve been doing here, yet I benefit. Since I do what I like: I live, I enjoy (or not), I observe, I analyze, I portray. As Socrates said: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

So, I examine and I share. As much as I’ve seen and learned with my contemporaries. People from all aver the world. So, if they do appreciate my work, I benefit twice.

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Am I reliable?2019-08-06T13:31:50+00:00

Am I reliable? Well, that’s up to you to decide. Yet, if you want my honest opinion: absolutely yes! Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind to write and share.

And, whatever your curiosity is, I am looking forward to answering your questions! Don’t hesitate to contact me.

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How do I conduct my research?2019-08-06T20:58:24+00:00

Methods of Investigation

To learn how to interact with Italians, one must observe the Italian society, become a part of it, think about it, analyze, and learn from experiences. Interaction with Italians is different than other types of things one can learn about Italy, such as food or fashion, because there is a limit to how much information one can get. The question “What kind of people Italians are?” has no definite answer. It varies from individual to individual, situation to situation. Therefore, observing, hypothesizing and pursuing the answer through data collection and detailed analysis, is the only way to find the answers.

Investigation Procedure

The methods I apply within this blog are similar to those used by anthropologists to investigate foreign cultures. They are also useful for uncovering patterns of the modern Italian language use. Here is an example of how this research works.

For instance, have you ever noticed that Italians seem to give a lot of compliments to each other? Why do they do this? Do they really mean it?

1. Hypothesizing or Making a Prediction.

To begin with, I am going to suggest an idea that can explain a certain type of Italian behaviour. So, perhaps, for Italians, giving compliments is just a habit, like saying “Hello” and they don’t really mean it. Also, seems like Italian women give compliments to each other more often than men do. Is that because Italian men simply don’t give compliments to their women? Or is it a pure female way to sweep under the carpet their…envy?

2.Investigation Plan.

The plan is to observe a certain types of Italian behaviour and find as much related information as possible. Depending on the topic, I will use observation or my personal experience, as well as interviews of Italian native speakers in order to find out what do they think about certain attitude or how would they react in certain situation. And of course, I will use resources like books and the Internet. More percisely, to find out if my impressions are true, I need an investigation plan. So, in case of the example above, I could go to a women’s’ clothing store at the mall and listen. Or I would prepare a list of questions about complimenting behaviors and ask different native speakers how they feel about it from a cultural point of view.

3. Data Collection.

At this point I will gather information from different sources. This is where I go out and follow my investigation plan. The curious thing is, you actually never know what you are about to find out!

4. Data Analysis.

I’m going to analyze carefully what have I find out and whether I have uncovered any patterns… In this step, I may need to report my insights to my Italian friends, get their feedback and confront the ideas.

5. Reformulating and reporting.

This is the most important part where, I am going to reveal and report what I’ve learned. It is also the part, where I will leave you some space to leave a reply or ask questions. And, eventually, to think of how one could reformulate his/her own behavior to make it more appropriate within Italian society.


The whole “spiritual investigation” process may not be as easy as these five steps make it seem. Remember, however, that the answers are there if you learn how to look. And read between the lines. Some helpful tips I can give you are: “Right” and “wrong” answers may not be clear. Different Italian people have different ways of doing the same thing. There’re more Shades of Grey within Italian society then within Grey’s trilogy.

I may need to investigate the same pattern of behavior more than once and from more than one source to get a good idea. And render this “spiritual investigation” true to life. Patience is a virtue! 

Collaborating with my Italian friends as well as other people, and checking with them often, will help me gather more ideas and form better guesses about what I am investigating. That is why I will never thank them enough!

Looking at the same question from different points of view, may help us to find what we are looking for.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Please feel free to enquire.

They say, In Italy, All Roads Lead to Rome… In Italy in Love says, All Roads Lead to Love…

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Am I helped by other people to make up this Web-magazine?2019-08-06T13:45:04+00:00

Of course. In this human world everything is done by people and for people. So, behind me there are other persons who helped me to develop the idea of current project. I’m really fortunate to have such a fabulous Team of close friends and other Italian persons who day after day continue to contribute enormously to this research by sharing their points of view and convictions. Hence “people” is one of the keywords of this project: it’s done by people and for people. It’s them I am so thankful for everything!

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Why do I think I am the right person to do this?2019-08-06T13:55:04+00:00

In all modesty, my education profile (I’ve got two Master’s degrees, both with Hons, in Social Sciences and International Communication) and real-world life experiences enable me to precisely observe and correctly analyze different life situations. Especially, people and their attitudes. In order to get in-depth understanding of their national mentality. Without ever forgetting that each local and regional mentality has its own shades.

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What is the mission of the present Web-magazine?2019-08-06T21:39:09+00:00

The mission of this website is to portray modern Italian culture and society just as it is.

Given that in nowadays globalized world, traveling and collaborating with people from all over the world has become an ordinary practice. On the other hand, we are yet ever more aware of cultural differences which acquire ever increasing importance. Hence to deal with people you must understand their culture, their life style and national mentality, as well as recent social and mental trends. Whilst it is easy to gain general, or better, generalized, information about Italian culture and current events watching TV, from newspapers and on the Internet… Yet, this useful information is barely enough to understand Italian in-depth mentality and Italian people! Just as Beppe Severgnini said: “Your Italy and our Italia are not the same thing”.

Hence the mission of this blog is to help people from all over the world:

  • First, to understand better Italian culture and Italian life style. In a much broader context than just sophisticated fashion, world heritage sites and Italian cuisine
  • Second, to gain a profound insight into Italian mentality and “Italian world picture” as a whole
  • Third, to know more about the Italian interpersonal relationships, fears and contradictory believes
  • Fourth, to learn more about Italian attitudes
  • Fith, to break through a barrier of incomprehension caused by cultural differences
  • Sixth, to establish better communication with Italian people
  • Seventh, to see and find similarities and differences, i.e. to compare modern Italian society and its trends to that of your own.

Enjoy Staying with In Ialy in Love!

This post is also available in: English Italiano

This post is also available in: English Italiano

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