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Welcome to In Italy in Love

Hello, everyone! And welcome to In Italy in Love –  the most versatile and introspective Web-magazine about Italian reality and its people. In Italy in Love is designed to picture Italy just as it is purely and entirely from our objective, yet personal, standpoint. Forget about academic researchers or whatever Made-in-Italy-stuff advertisers. We are Real.

Tired of conventional Baedekers, we offer a fresh insight on living in Italy today. In other words, the Web-magazine In Italy in Love represents an independent cultural research, carefully designed for People from all over the Globe wishing to understand Italian soul.

Among the aims of this website is to explore how Italian temptations (food, art, landscapes, fashion, etc.) affect the Italian way to be. Starting with what’s fluctuating on the surface, step by step, or post by post, we will reveal the core meaning of Italian attitudes, Italian contradictory believes, behaviors and emotions.

Within the posts of this Web-magazine we do report only true stories based on hands-on experience and real events. Here, we would also like to specify, that we decided to change the names of all persons whose stories, interviews and opinions will appear on the posts of this Web-magazine, in order to protect their privacy. This is also a way we say thanks to all of them once again.

Enjoy In Italy in Love and keep reading!

Our Crazy Skills

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About Us

Our mission is to inspire and empower people to travel Italy better and to enjoy Itallian allures to its full. From powerful reviews of Italian trends to Tour Planning, from Personal Shopping to Wedding & Event planning & Management, with us you can enjoy the peace of mind.

We know what it’s like to need a support and in-indepth understanding of the situation. Our philosophy is to treat you as we would like to be treated. Whatever your needs are, whatever your curiosity is, we will give you best options you desire.

Passionate about what we do, we strive to ensure all our provided services are exceptional. Together, here at In Italy in Love we set trends rather than follow them. We assist our clients in creating memorable and outstanding experiences that exceed expectations.

What People Say About In Italy In Love

Amazing blog and top class support, as I’m a curious person, In Italy in Love helped me to understand Italian people, their behaviour and enjoy my six month staying in Italy to its full! Diana was more than patient, her responses were quick and precise, she actually guided me with a genuine care through Italian mindset! Highly recommended!

Bryan, 36 years old, German

I follow this blog and I would like to recommend it to every one interested in Italy and Italian culture. It is true-to-life and the customer service is very reactive. I do enjoy reading “Once Upon A Time” as well and patiently wait for every next chapter to be published.  I will say it in French “merci beaucoup” for this work!

Jacquelyn, 42 years old, French
Let me say something. You have an amazing blog and awesome support. Your team helped me on weekend. This is what I call an “extra mile” in customer relationship. So I gave 5 stars for the Web-site and if I could, I’d give 10 stars for services and support.
James, 29 years old, American

Amazing overviews, in-depth insights and top class services! As I’m in love with Giorgio, previously my Italian boyfriend and today husband, In Italy in Love helped me to understand a lot about the Italian way to think and do things. Sometimes Diana and Matteo’s advices helped me to break through truly difficult moments. And than, Arina planned and organised my gorgeous wedding – the best day of my life! Thank you, In Italy in Love!

Valentina, 36 years old, Russian

Welcome to In Italy in Love

In Italy in Love has been the #1 true-to-life Web-magazine about Italy for already 2 years, making it the most trusted and complete insight into Italian life on the Web. Real people, true stories, Italian mindset exploration and amazing overviews on Italian temptations are the reasons our visitors have fallen in love. We are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. 

Get to Know Real Italy

In Italy in Love gives you the ability to know and experience the Italian life style. Our sincerely and professionally written posts are entirely based on first-hand extensive experience and are always up-to-date. You can ask for any additional information for free with a few clicks through the Contact Page. Get in touch to find out why the sky’s the limit when it comes to In Italy in Love.

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