“You can either be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of treasure. It all depends on how you view your life.” 
―Paulo Coelho, Eleven Minutes

At the Drop of a Hat

“Drop the bottle,” Mauro’s voice was soft and gentle, but there was no hint of request in it. Rather, it resembled a clear and precise order. And Serena – whose conflicting feelings were ripping her nerves in shreds with every passing minute – literally hated orders.

“Drop me. Now. And with my greatest pleasure I will throw this bottle into you!” Serena’s eyes sparkled with fury, a note of acrimony slipped in her angry voice. “Seriously, it’s no fun. Put me dawn. Let me go! And whatever you are going to say or to do, just drop it. Drop the whole situation. Anything that happened between us. Let it go! There is no way you can make it right after all… I’ve got a down on you, it will never be the same… Do you understand me? Do you hear what I say? Let me go! Immediately!”

“All right,” Mauro said playfully. “As for me, you’ve dropped yourself in it. This is your choice: if you do not want to settle the things dawn in a good way, let’s do it my way!” With these words he shook Serena on his shoulder with a sharp movement, as if he was a hunter making himself comfortable for a long walk and Serena was nothing but a ” hunter’s victim”. Within half a second, he firmly fixed his right hand on Serena’s waist, and his left one on her right hip. Then, without saying a word, confidently moved on.

“Where are you dragging me?! Let me go right now! Look, can’t we just drop this story? Everything…” Suspended in the air, Serena tried to free herself as hard as she could, yet Mauro did not seem to care. So, with Serena on his shoulder, he crossed the living room and started to climb the stairs.

Let Me Go

“We had an agreement: you can’t go there! You’ve already stepped out of the line… Let me go! Put me down! Let go of me!” Desperately, Serena hit Mauro on the back several times with the palm of her right hand. Grasping that this didn’t produce the desired effect, she squeezed her hand into a fist and began to pound the hateful creature with all her force. No result. Getting completely desperate, Serena bit him. “Faugh! When have you washed yourself last time? You are sweaty! And disgusting! For God’s sake, let me go!” But Mauro did not seem to hear.

Suddenly, it dawned on her: tightly holding the bottle with both hands Serena swept it in the air and hit Mauro right in the backside of his knee. The blow was strong: Mauro’s leg slightly shook. Nevertheless, the man quickly regained balance and swiftly climbed the last five stairs.

“Do you feel anything at all?!!” – Serena asked, gradually realizing that from a purely physical point of view she could never win this battle.

“You know, when it hurts right here,” Mauro hit himself in the chest with the fist of his left hand, “you can’t feel any other pain. It’s maths!”

“Just to be clear, I haven’t seen from here where have you just knocked. But I suppose it was your forehead,” Serena snarled back continuing the useless attempts to free herself.

Without answering, Mauro shook Serena on his shoulder once again and entered the gym-room. Then, he headed right to the closet with the sports equipment and pulled out a five-meter rope (the type that is usually used on yachts) and stepped out on to the terrace.

Tying Her in Knots

Serena started to panic. Her body was trembling; her face was covered with blood, while her heart was ready to burst from the eerie mix of adrenaline and fear. “What are you going to do?” Serena’s voice sank to a whisper.

Gently, Mauro removed Serena from his shoulder and put her on her favourite deck chair. Serena jumped up immediately and tried to dodge, but Mauro was holding her wrist firmly.

“Stop it! You are scaring me! And you’re hurting me!!! Please let me go!” Serena pleaded imploringly.

“Sit and calm down,” said Mauro in his soft but commanding voice, gradually squeezing the right wrist of Serena with his left hand. Despite the pain the girl showed no intention to obey: neither now nor never. Instead she darted Mauro a sharp look: “No. Neither now nor ever.”

“Let’s see!” Mauro’s lips twinkled with a diabolic smile. In no time, his left hand lifted Serena’s black T-shirt – that she was wearing as a dress – and touched her gently with his right hand right in the middle of the legs.

Believe me

Taken aback by surprise and indignation Serena jumped back. Stumbling over a deck chair, she loosed balance and landed on the chaise-longue with an elegance of a crashing plane. Faster than she could get back on her feet, Mauro pressed her chest down to the recliner with his knee soaring over her body as a hungry hawk.

Then, he grabbed both wrists of his love prisoner and firmly fastened them together with a rope. Serena started to scream clearly realising that all her attempts to get off this man were as futile as the breeze blow against the storm in the desert. Not that yelling was helpful.

After tying up her wrists, Mauro scraped both Serena’s hands above her head and then passed the cord under the deck chair to the right side. Next, he tied Serena up to the chaise-longue, just the way the primitive people were tying up their victims to the cane. To finish his job, he tied up a few double knots on the bottom leg of the deck chair. Then, after a brief though careful examination of his work, Mauro met the eyes of his victim and exhaled heavily. Serena, overwhelmed with horror, suddenly fell silent and only stared at Mauro pitifully and pleadingly at the same time.

“You are so nervous. You need to relax. Believe me, it’s all for the best”, Mauro knelt on the floor next to Serena and sighed sadly. “I’m deeply sorry for doing this to you, dear, believe me. But you’ve left me no choice. Your legs are not fasten. This – in a certain outcome of the circumstances – will help you to free yourself. And survive. I know you can do it. You’re a real savage“, Mauro looked at Serena with admiration. “I know I’ve tied yourself up in knots, but pretty soon it will all become clear to you. Believe me.”

To be continued…

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