“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
Dr. Seuss

Once Upon A Time…

…there were Serena and Mauro. Let’s encounter our heroes exactly where we’ve left them in my previous post. In Italy, moving in together, and deeply, passionately in love.

Once the documents for the rent of the apartment were signed, there was a huge amount of real work to do. They had literally to furnish their new home from A to Z. With Italian furniture, of course!

He was an Italian businessman; she became a new-branded housewife. Yet, our girl was a real dummy for all that regards housekeeping. No cooking or ironing skills, neither that of making up a bed, nor switching on a washing machine. She had never ever needed those skills before! As compensation, Serena was a real sweetheart, and she was trying really hard. Moreover, there wasn’t a single matter she couldn’t learn how to deal with. At least, she used to think so! Mauro appreciated.

To give Serena more freedom and a possibility to move independently from him, Mauro bought her a car. A splendid glittering silver grey SUV, Toyota RAV 4. She was so excited! Mostly because, from this moment on, decorating and furnishings their new home became officially her real task. The task, Serena was taking care of and regarding with ever increasing enthusiasm. At least, until the moment she found out that two of them actually preferred two extremely opposed styles…

More Differences Coming Out…

To begin with, Serena was a real minimalist and was in love with Italian modern designs. They were conveying her sense of real freedom and modernity. On the other hand, Mauro was so fond of Italian antiquities (especially, “mobili d’epoca“). Serena despised them, since she believed they could carry the malevolent spirits of their previous owners. “Okay, maybe these spirits could be both, positive or negative, but how would one know? For instance, what if the antique piece of furniture had inherited a spirit of an authentic psycho o a real serial killer?” She insisted she’d feel frustrated by the presence of other people’s propriety in her new house.

Finally, Serena made herself clear, explaining that she would never feel comfortable sleeping in antique bed, and hence she never would. Would he love her to have continuous images crossing her mind of some old man dying on “their” “new” bed in agony, or an old lady being tragically killed? The real place for the antiquities is a museum. Full stop. If he wants to create a museum, she’d run it for him. But she wouldn’t sleep inside it either way. Double full stop.


Mauro retained she was kind of paranoid about antique furniture. He was a real adorer of antiquities, and insisted that having at least some pieces would make him feel like home.  Mauro argued that the antique pieces would give their new home some real comfort and cosiness, something that modern design alone would never convey. Furthermore, the comfort and cosiness would be great for their maybe-future-baby she didn’t want to have. Oh, that was a real touché!

This way, the mix of two opposed styles appeared to be the most elegant and sophisticated solution, both in design, and compromise terms. With Serena secretly praying, that Italian antiquary pieces wouldn’t bring a bad luck to their life

Love Actually…and Life Together

Meanwhile, and in spite of all possible disagreements, they were perfectly happy. Lots of passion, lots of love. They were suffocated by love, but still it was never enough… It was like more they were making love with each other, more they wanted to. They were hopelessly addicted to each other. The kiss, the touch, the preliminaries… Every movement, every action appeared to both of them as pure and unique magic, every time. They could make love with each other eight times a day and still it wouldn’t be enough. Their mutual sexual desire was something extraordinary Serena had never experienced before. Something so extraordinary Mauro told her was new for him either.

Almost every evening, turning back from work Mauro was bringing Serena a gift. A chocolate bear, a fanny hand-made scarf, a pair of Jimmy Choo’s or Sergio Rossi’s shoes he’d noticed she was glancing in the shop window or at a fashion magazine cover, a red square coffee mug (Italians take only espresso, hence a mug for “caffè americano” was something extraordinary itself), a Bridget Jones’s Diary, a diamond ring, etc. And she barely cared, because all she really wanted was: him.

Never Leave Me

Every evening and every morning he continued repeating that she’s a love of his life. And that all his life he was searching for her. All his life he felt so lonely. When Serena learned enough Italian, Mauro told Serena the sad story of his childhood.  Once again Serena was thunderstruck and sad to find out that Mauro was orphan and had never known his parents. Moreover, Mauro told her that he had never experienced what real family or real love story really mean. He never was in love, he was never loved. Even worse, he actually never felt happy, if not when bringing to a closure some business negotiation. Needless to say, he never felt this way before. Never ever. Instead, now Mauro felt as if he was floating three meters above the sky.

Few days later, Mauro wrote and dedicated to Serena a song. Amore mio, non lasciarmi mai…” – “My Love, never leave me….” He was good at singing as well!

Serena was so in love with him, she couldn’t imagine why on Earth should she ever want to leave him? He was her real love…she would never leave him.

Never Say “Never” in Italian

Then one day, their door bell rang. The postman asked her gently to sign for receiving the Raccomandata (Registered Letter). Few minutes later Serena was opening the envelope a bit hesitating: “…Mauro said there are no secrets between us, and never would be, so I don’t break any privacy terms. I just want to practice Italian.  And when later on he’ll come home, I’ll retell him the contents of this huge and interminable letter. He’ll be pleasantly surprised by my linguistic achievements. It’s not fair, on the other hand, that he’s so full of surprises, and I barely can manage one. I never surprise him. And this will be a real one.” 


Heart beating…and beating faster…ever faster…and ever faster…


The letter was an official divorce request send by the lawyer of his former wife, Rebecca. Rebecca was also demanding the alimonies (plus backlogs) for their children, Andrea and Stefano, as well as for herself for a life time. Furthermore, Mauro’s former spouse was requesting the real estate, as well as the rest of hers and Mauro’s marital assets, to be assigned to her and their son’s exclusive property from the moment they’ll get eighteen. As well as the compensation for the moral damage, since her spouse was missing for over a year without her or their children actually knowing whether their father is dead or alive. Dead or alive.

To be continued…

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