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Motor Show: Italian Style, Luxury Cars and Sexy Ladies

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Motor Show: Italian Style, Luxury Cars and Sexy Ladies

Hi, everyone! Tonight we’ll take a look on Italian luxury cars. As you all know, the aim of this blog is to investigate the Italian style and the Italian way to be through  Italian love affairs. In other words, I’ve promissed to lead you to ever deeper understanding of Italian core mentality through detailed research on being in Italy in Love. And I’m going to keep my promise! So be patient, I’ll get right to the point in the second part of the present post. As for now, let’s enjoy what we are about to see.

The Bologna Motor Show

In one of my previous posts I also mentioned, that Italian allures score at least to ten, and each of them is a huge love attraction itself. One of the Itallian allures are without a slightest doubt Italian luxury sport cars, and I just can’t help my self to spell a word about it… I may not be a man (some retain that motors and cars are mainly male business), but I am profoundly in love with Italian sports cars!

Moreover, these days were signed by a very important event, which the addicted ones (like me) were waiting for and couldn’t miss! I’m talking about the Bologna Motor Show, an international auto show taking place annually in December, in Bologna.  This year edition (3-11 December, 2016) was especially important, since  the 2013 and 2015 editions were not held due to unfavourable economic conditions in Europe. What can I say, we’ve been waiting for it to come! So, I felt highly enthuasistic while visiting the Bologna Motor Show Trade Fair. And tonight, the 2016 Edition celebrates its closure….so, let’s take a final look!


My first place to visit (and to return repeatedly) was without any hasitation the Pagani Stand. To tell the truth, I could hardly brief. What an emotion! I wan’t tell all the story about Pagani Huayra, you can find all the details directly clicking the link. Besides, it would take a lot of time and space within the post. And we are here to see and learn more about Italian love attractions. But before we proceed, here is another breathtaking image of Pagani Roadster Cinque:

Pagani - Italian Style

Pagani Roadster Cinque


Another must see is certainly Maserati, presented this year with Levante, Ghibli, Quattroporte, and GranTurismo. With the last one being my favorite one!

Maserati GranTurismo

Maserati GranTurismo


Well, if Italians are so in love with luxury sports cars, no wonder the Italian police must have the adequate equipment… Here you go with Lamborghini Huracan Polizia:

Lamborghini - Lamborghini Huracan

Lamborghini Huracan Polizia

Few More Words About Exibitors…

Needless to say, at the Bologna Motor Show many other Italian automobile and automotive brands were presented, along with its foreign rivals exhibiting luxury cars, motor innovations offering limitless potential and a beauty of both external and internal design. However, to my profound regret, to make a complete overview of Participants and exhibited car brands and models, is beyond of the current research objectives.

My main objectives, as I already stated, are to get to the Italian core mentality. In brief, that means: make a hypothesys, observe, interview, confront, analyse and report, to you my friends, the reformulated information. We are doing a research here, remember? So don’t get distracted by luxury cars in the photoes above, and concentrate your attention with what I am about to reveal.

Italians, Luxury Cars and Sexy Ladies

In the very beginning of this post I’ve mentioned, that the Bologna International Motor Show was not held for two years (2013 and 2015). The first reason was economic crisis in Europe. The second one was, on one hand, a lack of planning by new organizers and, on the other, the lack of interest expressed by exhibitors. Yet, why the exhibitors became disintrested for a while?

The answer is simple. In 2010 and 2011 the Bologna Motor Show was highly critisized if not accused of becoming something like Porno Show instead of the Motor Show. I was there to witness (not working, visiting), so give me credit!

Positive aspect

The positive aspect about last year editions was that they were much more glamourous. The stands were of higher quality, the trade fair itself was more extensive and more dense at the same time, the lights were brilliant and blinking, and there were free snacks and drins on almost every stand.

Negative aspect…(for who?)

The negative aspect  was that visitors felt some kind of sexual preassure… Since on each exhibition stand there were half-naked-young-sexy-ladies who were there to presentate automobiles. Sadly, some were barely capable to manage the name of the luxury car they were attached to. Let alone explain the engine or automobile design details.

motors and sexy ladies

Motor Show 2010

Moreover, ladies that came to visit the Bologna Motor show together with their Italian life partner felt somewhat frustrated. The same sensation of frustration was rather experienced by some of the foreign visitors and exhibitors, whether they were British, German, Russian, French, or American… Half-naked-sexy-ladies were literally everywhere… Yet, Italian men were the only not to feel ill-at-ease.

Motor Show 2010

Motor Show 2010

Moreover, many Italian men felt really enthusiastic and satisfied by the way the Bologna Motor Show was. Even if more likely they were to take pictures of half-naked-sexy-ladies then of the luxury cars. And I’m talking about 70% of mid-aged men here, baring teenagers or young guys. Many of Italian visitors I’ve interviewed these days, have confessed that they by far prefered the Bologna Motor Show the way it was, because… Let me cite some: “ladies’ sex appeal and engine potential are two things that perfetly match in male’s ability to comprehend things”, “beautiful sexy girs and sports cars are like bread and butter, they must come together”, “nothing sells as good as female sex appeal...I bet they’ll realize that”.

The fact is, last years Motor Show editions were far more crowded, since a huge par of the visitors were there to see the half-naked-sexy-ladies.

This Year

Fortunately, for motor amateurs, exhibitors and potential clients, not all Italian men think that way. Fortunately, the authorities and new organizers have decided to abolish the presence and services of half-naked-sexy-ladies during Bologna Motor Show. To my question “why”, one of the organizers’s responded in the most simple way: “We just want it to be elegant”.

Italian Contrdiction

Motor Show 2010

Motor Show 2010

Personally, here I find a huge contradiction. To make the Motor Show more elegant, organizators wouldn’t have to burn half-naked-sexy-ladies on ritual fire…. Just the way the Italian Inquisition did it centuries ago proclaiming all attractive ladies  as “witches”! But may be in Italian core mentality it’s the only possible way to keep under control their general attention? Hope not, for God’s sake… Also because, if that old man is right, and female sex appeal really sells cars… It would be enough to substitute half-naked-sexy-ladies with well-dressed-elegant-and-smart-ladies. But smart and elegant ladies, apparently, are not aloud to Italian men’s club. Hence, the organizers prefered to take the extreme measures.

In any case, for those who are fond of car designs and engines, this year Bologna Motor Show edition was a great occasion to see, touch, learn and try. Personally, I retain that luxury cars are more than enough to gain and absorb all attention. On the other hand, I’m all for smart and elegantly dressed ladies who would make the whole atmoosphere more vivid.

Why Italian men are so afraid of the power that smart and elegant ladies emanate?

Let’s take a drive…and find out!

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