“The heart wants what it wants. There’s no logic to these things. You meet someone and you fall in love and that’s that.” – Woody Allen


Once Upon A Time…

…there were Serena and Mauro. Let’s encounter our heroes exactly where we’ve left them in my previous post. In Italy, Milano Marittima, and deeply in love.

What do you think did happen in a meanwhile? They fought, they argued, they cried. And finally, they surrendered to each other. After that they both disappeared, hopefully together, from the eyes of everyone else for the next few days. Five maybe.

Theirs was a love at first sight. It was burning, all-consuming, and overwhelming. Considering that Serena just started learning Italian, and Mauro’s English definitely needed improvement, they barely spoke… Or better, they spoke all the time, but mostly they understood each other by looking in their eyes, by hearing their hearts beat together, by holding each other hand… Romantic, isn’t it?

Love “Made in Italy”

To declare his eternal love and affection, he gave her a fashionable designer bracelet made in 18 kt gold of Marco Bicego latest collection. The bracelet was enriched with gems attached as pendants.

Mauro explained to Serena that the choice of this Italian brand was no way accidental. As the brand itself combines old world tradition with contemporary design, he thought that it is the best way to communicate to her beloved one the true life values and his serious, though immediate, intention to commit to her. Mauro said he carefully chose this timeless jewel to convey a distinct uniqueness of his love.

Moreover, Mauro explained that the five gems with their imperfect shapes were to symbolize the five imperfect days they didn’t spent together. Those “five imperfect days”, however, are much more precious to him than the gems themselves. Since these days made him understand that he cannot live without her, no gems can ever be that priceless. Her eyes, her smile, her voice, her tears, her breath are the only gems of his life.

Furthermore, according to Mauro, the Made in Italy brand had to remind her that their love was born in Italy. Yet, now it was up to Serena to decide whether she wants to give up on their priceless love… Or if she would accept his offer to move in with him. And live in Italy in love happily ever after.

Serena was amazed…though she felt thunderstruck! At the same time, she was so genuinely, so dearly, so passionately in love.

Never Let Go

Two weeks later, when Serena had to leave Milano Marittima, he followed her. Mauro declared that from now on there won’t be a single day they stay apart. He said was going to keep his promise at any cost. Moreover, Mauro insisted on being introduced promptly to Serena’s family. And once done, he sweetly asked Serena’s father a permission to marry her. Just like that, an old fashioned way. Mauro promised that from this day on he will give Serena anything she wants. That he will protect her from everything and anything. And take care of her completely, from A to Z.

Take it for granted, that Serena’s parents, her younger brother, even her red cat… …everyone was shocked! The very word “shock” appeared to them as an euphemism of the century in front of the situation they had to deal with. They felt thunderstruck. Two say the least; two weeks of acquaintance are not enough even to get a credit issuance, let alone moving in together! But Serena was so happy. She was so in love. She didn’t bother.

Back to Italy

One month later, back to Italy. Mauro’s apartment was luxury, though very tiny. It had one bedroom and a dining room, plus bathroom and a small balcony. Everything was on its place; apparently Mauro was very precise and pedantic person.  Serena loved it; also because she was right the opposite.

A few days after, Serena and Mauro started looking for a new apartment. To herald a hopeful beginning of a new life together they wanted to make a new home together.

The place they had chosen happened to be a luxurious penthouse of 200 square metres with an enormous terrace and other two balconies. The apartment was divided in two floors, with two bedrooms and a bathroom on each one. They decided that two of three rooms of the upper floor would be transformed in a gym and an office/library, while one of the bed-rooms on general floor would be reserved for their future child.

Must say, that though recently our heroine was starting to get used to feel thunderstruck almost every minute, this one Serena didn’t expect to come out. Not that she was allergic to children, but she actually didn’t want one. Not by the moment at least. There were so many things to do before. Like learn Italian, start a career and have some work experience, for example.

So Serena suggested making of a-maybe-future-baby-room a guest room for a moment. Besides, the second guest room might reveal it extremely useful even in the most foreseeable future, given that her family members and her friends would come to visit her time after time. This was a moment Mauro felt thunderstruck and upset, but faked to understand her point. He said he agrees. No fight.

In Italy in love, will they live happily ever after?

To be continued…

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