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In Italy in Love has been the #1 true-to-life online magazine about Italy for already 2 years, making it the most trusted and complete insight into Italian life on the Web.  Real people, true stories, Italian mindset exploration and amazing overviews on Italian temptations are the reasons our visitors have fallen in love.  We are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. Read below to find out why the sky’s the limit when it comes to In Italy in Love.

In Italy in Love Is More Than An Online Magazine, It’s A Powerful Insight Tool Into Real Italian Life.

Today, in the era of ever increasing globalization, who has never been to Italy? No matter whether your Italian trip is business or pleasure, In Italy in Love is dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible.
Our team provides high-quality services for both companies and private persons. Moreover, our sincerely and professionally written magazine posts are entirely based on first-hand extensive experience and are always up-to-date. You can ask for any additional information for free with a few clicks through the Contact Page.

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How The Web-Magazine In Italy in Love Works

In order to explain better how In Italy in Love works, let’s state first what is beyond the objectives of this Web-magazine.

What In Italy in Love Is Not


In Italy in Love is not a tourist guidebook. There are a lot of people who’ve done that before us. Take, for example, travel bestsellers or numerous websites. They are all full of high-quality photographs and accurate descriptions about Italian cities. Moreover, they provide travelers with all needed information on Italians museums, monuments, art, sculpture and paintings. So why redo the job that’s already done? However, we can’t help ourselves not to highlight some of Italian allures that are most worth it! Or give our Readers some precious information other sources lack.


In Italy in Love is not an Italian fashion or gossip magazine. Again, there are a lot of people who do that already: from fashion channels to glossy magazines and infinite Web blogs. Yet, here and there, time after time, we’ll spell a word about Italian fashion tendencies or amazingly talented Italian designers. We are in Italy, after all!


In Italy in Love is not an overview of Italian cuisine. However, time after time we will talk about Italian food or wine. We may also mention some of Italian restaurants. Not in order to compete with TripAdvisor or similar, but to highlight most recent Italian cuisine tendencies.

Forth and last,

In Italy in Love is not an academic research on cultural differences. It would be impossible to compare Italians to all world cultures. So, we just leave it up to You – read and compare! And, if you want to, write us back – we do appreciate any feedback! We provide accurate and indepth insights on Italian mindset, social trends, life style and much more. So, let’s explore and have fun together!

What In Italy in Love Is About

This is the moment to state that the Web-magazine In Italy in Love is designed to picture Italy just as it is purely and entirely from our objective, yet personal, standpoint. Forget about academic researchers or whatever Made-in-Italy-stuff advertisers. We are Real.

Tired of conventional Baedekers, we offer a fresh insight on living in Italy today. In other words, the In Italy in Love represents an independent cultural research, carefully designed for People from all over the Globe wishing to understand Italian soul. Among the aims of this website is to explore how Italian temptations affect the Italian way to be. Starting with what’s fluctuating on the surface, step by step, or post by post, we will reveal the core meaning of Italian attitudes, Italian contradictory believes, behaviors and emotions. 

Within the posts of this Web-magazine we do report only true facts and stories  based on hands-on experience and real eventsHere we would also like to specify, that we decided to change the names of all persons whose stories, interviews and opinions will appear on the posts of this blog, in order to protect their privacyThis is also a way we say thanks to all of them once again.

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In Italy in Love provides a set of overviews on life in Italy, its current trends and Italian mindset. This makes In Italy in Love the most versatile Web-magazine on the market by allowing you to take control of every aspect of your real or virtual tour to Italy and contact with Italian people.  The accurate insights and in-depth understanding give you flexibility to organize your journey or establish relationships you want.

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As you’ve read above, In Italy in Love is full of useful information. These data make it ridiculously easy for anyone to create stunning vacations or establish fantastic relationships. Stay in touch to find out what features are currently trending in Italy!

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